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Wyoming Land For Sale in Solar and Wind Communities

Come to Wonderful Wyoming

The beauty of Southern Wyoming is something to behold.  Gazing west is Laramie Peak and Laramie Mountain Range.  Without question here is the best vantage point for enjoying your own piece of the West.  Drawn by sweeping views, a highly desirable rural setting, and the lingering presence of relics from the pioneer trails and range wars, you’ll discover why this “is the place”.

For more information on Wyoming Solar and Wind Communities, fill out the form below and an agent will contact you shortly to answer your questions or help you find the property that you are looking for.  

Comments or Additional Info:

"Wyoming is our least populated state, where you can still find a beautiful piece of land with lots elbow room.”  This can be your year-round residence, your getaway retreat or an investment for the future of your family.

“Green” Building practices and energy saving strategies posture our community for energy independence and high future value using passive solar heating and energy saving appliances.

If you’ve been looking for land for a long time, you know how hard it is to find really nice and desirable property. Well here it is. This is it.  Take action now before our remaining parcels are gone.  Call me: Tim Jackson - Iron Creek LLC – Call Toll Free (888) 260-9362

Wyoming land for sale off grid

This Land is for Sale near Lake Guernsey State Park

Lake Guernsey State Park is located in Platte County in southeast Wyoming; about 40 miles west of the Nebraska state line and a three hour drive from Denver, Colorado.

 Lake Guernsey, a Bureau of Reclamation reservoir on the North Platte River, was first filled in 1927 following construction of the Guernsey Dam and Power Plant. The reservoir is situated in the hills of the Hartville Uplift, a geological formation that forms a transition between the high plains to the east and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to the west. Along the steeply-cut banks and precipitous cliffs lining the shores of the reservoir are historic structures which in the passage of time have grown in historic importance. You’ll be surprised by the mild climate and diversity of recreational opportunities.

Learn more about Lake Guernsey

We Have Land Suitable for Energy Independent Building

  • Off grid land
  • Off grid solar real estate
  • Off grid property
  • Wind Power Homes
  • Solar Power real estate
  • Live off the grid in Wyoming
  • Alternative energy home
  • Solar Power Home
  • Alternative residential energy

Benefits of Residential Alternative Energy

We support energy preserving off the grid living opportunities. Alternative energy is the wave of the future, a means by which we can help to preserve natural resources and save money on rising electricity prices. Solar and wind power are one solution to producing all natural energy.

According to Wind Powering America, Wyoming has wind resources consistent with utility-scale production. There is a large area of excellent to superb resource in the southeastern part of the state north of Cheyenne. Other outstanding resource areas are in south-central Wyoming from the Colorado border north toward Casper. Additional regions with good to excellent resource are between Casper and Gillette in northeastern Wyoming and on ridge crests throughout the state.

Through 2008, there will be no sales tax in Wyoming on purchases of equipment to install wind, solar, hydro, biomass, landfill gas and hydrogen and geothermal energy projects. In addition, grants up to $3000 are available through the Wyoming Business Council. Wyoming's abundant wind and solar resources, combined with a tax incentive and grants to individuals and businesses, should stimulate further alternative energy production. Now's the time to GO ALTERNATIVE!

If you’ve been looking for land, you know how hard it is to find really nice and desirable property. Well here it is. This is it.  Take action now before our remaining parcels are gone.  Call me: Tim Jackson - Iron Creek LLC – Call Toll Free (888) 260-9362

We Have Land for Sale in Wyoming

  • Wyoming land for sale
  • Property near Cheyenne land for sale
  • Property near Casper land for sale
  • Wyoming mountain land for sale
  • Wyoming ranch land for sale
  • Wyoming hunting land for sale
  • Wyoming rural property for sale
  • Wyoming rural land

Benefits of Residential Alternative Energy

Though we offer land for sale throughout Wyoming, we specialize in energy preserving off the grid living opportuntities. Alternative energy is the wave of the future, a means by which the everyday American citizen can help to preserve natural resources and save money on rising electricity prices. Solar power and wind power are the dominant means of producing all natural energy. By absorbing the rays of the sun, solar panels turn them into energy that powers cars, homes, and now, entire communities. Wind power operates through large turbines that spin to harness wind and convert it into energy, the opposite process of a fan.

There are Several Environmental and Economic Advantages to Energy Independent Living

  • The carbon dioxide production of traditional means of electrical generation contributes to acid rain, global warming, and smog.  Solar power releases only a small fraction of the fossil fuel energy produces.  If one million houses used solar energy, it would remove 4.3 million tons of CO2—the equivalent of removing 850,000 cars from the road.

  • Solar energy systems require no maintenance and are reliable and silent.  And if you require more energy than you currently have access to, you can easily add more panels to your system.

  • Since electricity rates increase on an annual basis, the initial down payment that secures your power supply will be lower and you will be impervious to electric company inflation.

  • Solar energy conserves natural resources, such as coal, natural gas, and petroleum. 

  • Wind energy provides a similar way to avoid electricity price increases, involving a significant investment with large savings over time.  If you live in a remote location, it is generally cheaper than having power lines routed all the way to your house.

  • A nonpolluting system, wind energy is a quiet way to reduce dependence on fossil fuel without taking up much space.

  • Each megawatt-hour of electricity that is generated by wind energy helps to reduce the 0.8 to 0.9 tons of greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by coal or diesel fuel generation each year.

  • Wind energy systems also provide many employment opportunities as each megawatt of wind energy produces two years of employment in the industry, a higher ratio of jobs per energy unit than any other type of power.  Wind power also tends to bring tourism to host communities.

  • Wind power can be scaled to suit the energy applications of all sizes.

  • Since it is not dependent on fuel, wind power does not have to deal with rising fuel prices.

We Offer Several Opportunities for Residential Real Estate in Wyoming

  • Solar home
  • Wind home
  • Off grid home for sale
  • Off grid solar home
  • Solar real estate
  • Energy independent community
  • Energy independent home
  • Energy independent real estate
  • Alternative energy real estate
  • Renewable energy home
We Have Off the Grid Land for Sale in Wyoming
Great place for fun and recreation!

Gillette, Lusk, Mills, Pinedale, Centennial, Kemmerer, Afton, Lingle, Laramie, Douglas, Rawlins, Newcastle, Lander, Lyman, Reliance, Hulett, Wright, Wilson, Marbleton, Casper, Story, Basin, Rolling Hills, Jackson, Osage, Ranchester, Hanna, Sheridan, Pine Bluffs, Meeteetse, Fort Laramie, Cody, Wheatland, Riverton, Lance Creek, Alta, Big Piney, Saratoga, Glenrock, Upton, Cheyenne, Ten Sleep, Rock River, Manville, Evansville, Mountain View, Rock Springs, Wilson, Green River, Powell, Kirby, Worland, Laramie, Guernsey, Evanston, Greybull, Sundance, Thermopolis, Moorcroft, Buffalo, Diamondville, Torrington, Kaycee, Arapahoe

This is the perfect place to invest or live.  Create your own self sufficient home or just enjoy a private weekend get-away. Take action now before our remaining parcels are gone.  Call me: Tim Jackson - Iron Creek LLC Alternative Energy Land for Sale in Wyoming

Call Toll Free  (888) 260-9362


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Investment Real Estate Forum

Tim Jackson - Iron Creek LLC
Alternative Energy Land for Sale in Wyoming

Call Toll Free
(888) 260-9362

We Offer Several Opportunities for Energy Independent Real Estate

  • Solar home info
  • Off grid property info
  • Off grid home for sale info
  • Energy independent real estate info
  • Wind Power Homes info
  • Solar Power real estate info
  • Alternative energy real estate info
  • Renewable energy home info

Wyoming Land for Sale:

  • Near Cheyenne land for sale
  • Wyoming ranch land for sale
  • Wyoming hunting land for sale
  • Near Casper land for sale
  • Wyoming mountain land for sale
  • Wyoming land for sale
  • Wyoming rural property for sale
  • Wyoming rural land

We Specialize in Off the Grid Real Estate:

  • Off grid solar homesites
  • Solar real estate
  • Energy independent community
  • Energy independent homesites

  • Wind home
  • Live off the grid in Wyoming
  • Alternative energy homesites
  • Alternative residential energy
  • Solar power homesites
  • Off grid land
  • Off grid solar real estate

Land for Sale near the following Wyoming Cities:

Great Place for fun and recreation!

Centennial, Laramie, Rock River, Kirby, Thermopolis, Ranchester, Sheridan, Story, Basin, Greybull, Buffalo, Kaycee, Big Piney, Marbleton, Pinedale, Gillette, Wright, Cheyenne, Laramie, Pine Bluffs, Green River, Reliance, Rock Springs, Hanna, Rawlins, Saratoga, Afton, Diamondville, Kemmerer, Alta, Jackson, Wilson, Douglas, Glenrock, Rolling Hills, Casper, Evansville, Mills, Evanston, Lyman, Mountain View, Hulett, Moorcroft, Sundance, Lance Creek, Lusk, Manville, Ten Sleep, Worland, Arapahoe, Lander, Riverton, Cody, Meeteetse, Powell, Newcastle, Osage, Upton, Fort Laramie, Lingle, Torrington, Guernsey, Wheatland, Wilson

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